How to Prepare Your Apartment for Holiday Travel

The holiday season often involves traveling to be with your loved ones. This means spending time away from your luxury apartment in Siena at Tuscany. Consider these tips to help prepare your apartment in Delray Beach for holiday travels.

#1 Hold Mail

With the popularity of online shopping and Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, it’s likely that you will be receiving packages throughout the holiday season. Even if you’re not expecting an expensive package or important mail while you’re gone, be sure to have USPS hold your mail by filling out this online form. This is especially important as it’s more common for unattended mail and packages to be stolen during this time.

#2 Clean the Kitchen

The gourmet kitchen in your luxury Delray Beach apartment will need to be cleaned before you leave for the holidays. Thoroughly examine your refrigerator for perishable food items and be sure to either eat the food before you leave or throw it away to avoid coming home to rotten food.  Do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink. Not only will the food particles harden onto plates and become more difficult to clean, but it can also attract insects and vermin. Lastly, take out your trash and recycling, as leaving it in your apartment will most likely release an unpleasant odor and attract unwanted pests.

#3 Conserve Energy

Save money and conserve energy by unplugging small appliances and electronics that will not be in use while you’re away. This can include anything except for the fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. You should also adjust the thermostat so that the air conditioning or heater is not constantly running while no one is home.

#4 Prepare Pets & Plants

Of course, you will need to make accommodations for your pets. Review this list of the best pet boarding kennels in Delray Beach to find the right fit for your precious pup or cat. Depending on how long you will be gone, you may want to have a trusted neighbor or friend water your plants. Or, you can use watering spikes that will add water to the plant as needed.

Enjoy living a life of luxury this holiday season at our Delray Beach apartments. Schedule a visit to Siena at Tuscany today!

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