How to Begin a Health & Wellness Routine

Siena at Tuscany is an apartment community that offers a luxury living experience like no other. Since residents enjoy an elegant home in a maintenance-free community, they have more time to focus on themselves. Here are a few tips on how to begin a health and wellness routine at our luxury apartments in Delray Beach.   

#1 Meditation

Begin the day with a moment of meditation. Create a peaceful and quiet space in your home where you can spend 2 to 5 minutes meditating. If you’re unfamiliar with the meditation process, you may want to try an audio meditation guide. There are many cheap meditation apps that will help you to clear you mind before a stressful day of work with tranquil music and instruction.

#2 Workout

Create a workout routine that works for your schedule. It may take some time and a willingness to try different workouts to find the style that suits you. However, it’s easy to live an active lifestyle at Siena at Tuscany. Our luxury Delray Beach apartments have an on-site fitness room featuring free weights and a spinning room with virtual fitness for those who prefer a guided workout.

#3 Healthy Recipes

For a healthy diet, you need to know 5 to 7 easy recipes that you can implement into your everyday life. Homemade food is less expensive and usually more nutritious than takeout. In order to make the cooking process more simple, make sure that these recipes have overlapping ingredients. This way, cooking will feel like less of a chore.

#4 Aromatherapy

Essential oils are proven to help relax, focus, or stimulate the mind, depending on what plant the oil is extracted from. There are many ways to use aromatherapy in your health and wellness routine. A popular form of aromatherapy is to disperse the essential oil into the air with a diffuser. However, essential oils are also used in candles, lotions, soaps, and many other products. Buy that perfectly scented candle to help unwind when you get home after a hectic day.

Live a well-rounded life at our luxury Delray Beach apartments. Schedule a visit to Siena at Tuscany today!

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